Artist Designer and Head of the Department of Art

As a MFA graduate from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan USA, I have been teaching photography in the Department of Art since 2013.  My area of investigation is panoramic and immersive photography. I exhibit my work in galleries, participate in research with my colleague, publish in this area and sell my prints to local and international customers.


Earth:   Calgary Central Library  Sept 27-October 26 2019

Geometry:  Crowness Pass Public Art Gallery November 23-December 22 2019, Western GM Art Gallery Edmonton, Badlands Community Facility, Drumheller AB, Calgary Central Library Sept 1 2018-September 29,2018, Northern Alberta Jubiliee Auditorium April 7 to April 27 2018

The Artist's Lens 2019   April 3-April 13 2019 Walterdale Theatre Edmonton, Calgary Central Library June 29th- August 3 2019

Bridges: A Celebration of the 85th Anniversary of the Alberta Society of Artist  September 1 2017 December 27, 2017  Travelleing exhibits in several location in Alberta


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Gadbois, Denis, Peter Dawson, Christina Robinson, Xiu Peng, and Zhara Hadavand. “Behind the Scenes of Digital Heritage: A Case Study of Brooks Aqueduct.” Canadian Archeology Association Annual Conference. May 4, 2018.