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Work that shows both creativity and skills

My photograph work present everything all around me at once, in vivid color, in light -up, down, left, right, all-around - an inspiring 360° perspective constructed liked a world atlas and unfurled before you. Most of my work is comprised of 2-32 individually-captured photographs, combined to create what essentially becomes a panoramic photo or a seamless mosaic beyond a viewer’s entire field of vision. Each work is examined with my designer eyes, balancing relationships between the environment and the viewer perspective. This perspective is also challenged by playing with various projection of the world and is subject to intense postrpocessing. Creativity takes an utmost importance in my search for engaging subjects conducive to my work. Whether landscape or urban structure, I’m drawn to specific environments that reveal embedded layers of texture new perspective and narrative, historical presence, thoughtful design, symmetry and asymmetry, different point of view. Capturing such elements that may otherwise appear commonplace, I strive to sculpt them into meaningful, compelling visual narratives.